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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 17, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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almost pitch black. it is 5 am. you are watching "fox and friends" first on thursday morning. >> thank you for starting your day with us. hundreds gather for an emotional candlelight vigil. did you see this? to remember the young woman killed in the violence in charlottesville. the president not in attendance but a very special woman. >> more on that memorial and reaction from both sides of the aisle. >> reporter: hundreds of people came together for a candlelight vigil at the university of virginia campus to take a stand against hate and violence. many marchers singing songs along the same path taken by hundreds of torch bearing white nationalists last friday. there was a moment of silence for heather heyer. more than 1000 people gathered to honor her legacy of standing
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up for what is right which her mother said would live on. >> we don't all have to die. we don't all have to sacrifice our lives. they tried to kill my child to shut her up. you just magnified her. >> donald trump paid his respects tweeting memorial service for beautiful and incredible heather heyer, truly special young woman. she will be long remembered by all. the president continues to face backlash from members of both parties were his response to the violence in charlottesville including republican senator lindsey graham who said in a statement donald trump took a step backward by suggesting there is moral equivalency between whites promises, neo-nazis and kkk members who attended the charlottesville rally and people like heather heyer. i do not endorse this moral equivalency. mike pence traveling a class in latin america said in chile he stands by what donald trump has said.
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>> what happened in charlottesville was a tragedy. and the president has been clear on this tragedy and so have i. we are also praying that in america, we will not allow the few to divide the many. >> jeff sessions announced the 20-year-old driver who killed heather heyer and injured 19 others could face federal civil rights violation charges and hate crime charges. >> thousands taken to the streets of philadelphia to march against white supremacy, showing solidarity with victims of the deadly charlottesville riot as three more protesters are arrested and charged in connection with the confederate monuments worn down in north carolina. four people total now accused of inciting a riot. damage to public property. gerri mccullough now encouraging the removal or relocation of all
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confederate monuments in his state. meanwhile in baltimore at least we for statues already released under cover of darkness, the mayor says she wanted them hauled away quickly and quietly calling it long overdue. removed in secret in the middle of the night by angry mobs confederate memorial the coming down all across the south, all across the country but weekly standard's steve hayes said they should stand to educate us about dark times in american history. >> when you talk about tearing down statues in the middle of the night without any discussion, that is not creating the kind of debate we ought to have. i don't think there's necessarily one right way to handle this is one wrong way. i feel differently about a statue erected to a confederate battle general in 1867 than i do in 1967. the intent of the statue itself matters. we ought to be very careful in
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this country about eliminating entire classes of memorials to what our collective history is whether it history we love and want to celebrate or things that are difficult chapters like the civil war and others. you can't erase what happened by eliminating the monuments. >> it is more about speech and censoring that. social media sites, internet sites like google, twitter, facebook, cracking down on a lot of despicable things you see online from white supremacists and other hate groups but a difficult little area and we hear a sound like talking why it is a dangerous situation and slippery slope and start to edit
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out free speech. >> freedom of speech and enables you to argue for other freedoms and that is the point of it. when you have someone who is in control of ideas, who knows the data of all 7 billion people on the planet and it is enforcing an ideological straitjacket that is far more disturbing than a standard oil or mgm are enforcing ideological straitjacket's so we are moving into a very dark era where youtube and facebook and twitter will bounce more and more people off their monopolies and that will lead to more violence in the street. >> it does boil down to who is the determining factor which type of speech is acceptable and which is not acceptable. the other thing happening on facebook and i don't know if you have been reading about this are
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different groups calling for what they believed to be individuals who are white supremacists to be called out online and making lists of people and some celebrities have said give me the names of all the white supremacists you know. rob: everyone can agree on the political spectrum people on the very far right and the very far left a, a lot of them said to be crazy and an informed and intelligent people, but silencing them because -- that is a slope and you start to slide down that slope and it is just the beginning where everything that offends people starts to get silenced and censored. >> the same argument with the confederate statues people are making. moving along donald trump, linda mcmahon today after disbanding two business advisory councils, the news came after several ceos resigned over the president's response to the deadly rally in charlottesville, rather than
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putting pressure on the is this people, the manufacturing counsel and strategy and policy forum i am ending both. the white house has a new interim communications director, senior communications advisor who will temporarily fill the gap left by anthony scaramucci as the white house finds a permanent replacement saying hope is a terrific person and will do a great job, wishing her the best. >> better benefits for our heroes returning home to the battlefield, donald trump signing the forever g.i. bill bringing big changes to education benefits for service members, veterans and their families. the secretary praising the move. >> this is expanding our ability to get our veterans education, bipartisan support brought us this g.i. bill so in effect members of congress i want to thank our veterans service organizations, i think the
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president. >> among the changes veterans no longer have a 15 year deadline to access education funds. it allows all purple heart vets to receive benefits. the largest pharmacy benefit manager will soon limit the number of strength of painkillers doctors can prescribe to first-time patients as they moved by express scripts, an effort to curb opioid addiction in america but the american medical association says these kinds of decisions should be left up to doctors and their patients. 33,000 americans have died from over those related deaths in 2015. rob: a us soldier killed while fighting isis in afghanistan the pentagon saying american and afghan soldiers were also injured in this combat operation although it is unclear how many, this is the 10th us service member to be killed in afghanistan this year, it comes as donald trump ways his vision to send 4000 more us troops to
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afghanistan trying to finish that job of 16 years and that could happen in the coming days. the president heading to camp david tomorrow where he will meet with his national security team, he will discuss the strategy on the 16 year war in afghanistan, the nation at longest conflict ever, donald trump last in camp david engine with his family. heather: a massive search underway for 5 missing soldiers after their helicopter went down off the coast of hawaii. several boats, coast guard plane and two choppers looking for the men near oahu. two black hawk cruz, communications were lost, some debris including a portion of the chopper's fuselage have been recovered. the cause of the crash is still unknown. rob: dozens of inmates are dead, killed in a prison riot in venezuela. military forces sent in to
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regain control after violent gangs overtook the facility several weeks ago. gunfire and explosions heard for hours as they tried to regain control, 37 people are dead, 14 prisoners are injured but a mess they have. >> extreme weather for you, tornadoes carve a path of destruction through minnesota, reports of at least 7 twisters throughout the state. >> the storms ripping trees from their roots, tearing shingles off homes, sending street signs flying through the air, nobody was hurt. >> janice dean has the latest. >> we have been watching the system moving the upper midwest and great lakes, several tornadoes reported that we will still see the potential for damaging wind, hail and isolated tornadoes as the system moves eastward so portions of the eastern great lakes and the new system coming out of the high plains could see the threat for
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strong to severe storms this evening and we are watching the tropics. areas of low pressure moving across the atlantic from the coast of africa, three areas we are watching carefully. if we get another named storm it will be harvey. one more thing i want to mention a couple things happening monday. a total solar eclipse will cross across the country from the upper midwest or northwest to the southeast and i also have something you can read about how important it is to protect your eyes from a solar eclipse. are you excited? it is going to be the first time in 99 years we have a coast-to-coast solar eclipse. >> where are you going to go for the eclipse? >> south carolina.
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to see the wonderful folks there. heather: there will be so many people you will have trouble with cell phone service. >> we will have darkness for 2 minutes and 40 seconds in some areas. rob: you have a chance to hit it big if you have too much money and that is powerball. >> once again left the nation without a winner. the jackpot has been growing since june 10th with 19 straight winnerless drawings. the price for saturday at strong has grown to half $1 billion. one in 292 $.2 million. that is a lot. >> a better chance of getting struck by lightning twice or eaten by a shark. the time is 12 minutes after the top of the hour and attorney general jeff sessions blasting
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thing to worry cities for defying donald trump. >> jurisdictions provide safe harbor for some of the most dangerous criminals in our country. >> a certain message he had for one liberal mayor in particular. a special investigation into russian collusion hitting a major snag, the lead investigator just dropped out. >> first pitch fail, wait until you see what happened seconds after this ball left the mound. ♪
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trailer in a san antonio walmart parking lot, bradley claimed he had no idea anyone was inside. >> in just a few hours donald trump will meet with rick scott. >> this comes one day after jeff sessions sang praises for miami-dade county for throwing out a thing to a policy and making our country more safe. the latest on that and sessions's turn message to other sanctuary holdouts. >> attorney general jeff sessions remain steadfast in his mission to illuminate sanctuary cities in the us sessions speaking in miami during the county's move away from an illegal safe zone, donald trump thinking miami-dade mayor carlos jimenez tweeting following rule of law sanctuary cities make our country less safe but even with this major win several other cities around the country continue to define federal
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immigration authorities, sessions bash chicago and other safe zones were illegal immigrants potentially putting american lives at risk. >> at its root it is a rejection of our immigration laws and declaration of open borders. they openly say we are a welcoming city, come into our city and we won't even tell our federal police when you commit a crime if you are here unlawfully. >> sessions doubling down on the sentiment saying thanks worry cities attract the worst of the worst. >> things were jurisdictions provide safe harbor for some of the most dangerous criminals in our country. it makes that video trafficker, smuggler or predators best friend. >> these chilling warnings don't mean much to chicago mayor rahm emanuel. the democrats it in a statement, quote, we will not cave to the trumpet ministration's pressure because they are wrong morally, factually and legally. last week the city of chicago
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sued the justice department for plans to cut a federal grant money to sanctuary cities. >> governor scott, a friend of "fox and friends" first, look forward to hearing what that meeting is about. remember when donald trump said this? >> many of those people were there to protest the taking down of the statue of robert ely. i wonder, is it george washington next week? will george washington lose his status? are we going to take down -- are we going to take down -- are we going to take down statues to george washington? how about thomas jefferson? >> now a chicago pastor is calling on the mayor to remove the statue of george washington and change the name of the park saying it is time to stop honoring slaveowners is bishop j edward duke is asking the mayor of chicago to scratch the name of washington in jackson park on the city of southside, the same
2:20 am
area that has been plagued with deadly shootings. dukes says he is not trying to erase history but educate people. >> put a plaque on it that tells the history of the totality of what the person was and tell what his flaws were. >> chicago's mayor has not responded. >> 20 minutes after the hour reversing course, uc berkeley known for violent riots over conservative speakers, wait until you hear how the new chancellor is kicking off a new semester. >> one comes out. >> hollywood hunger games, you will never guess who just dethroned jennifer lawrence as the highest-paid actress of the year. rob: the chick-fil-a that was dubbed the most useless in america. ♪ go here on friday night ♪ it will be just right ♪ your big idea... will people know it means they'll get the lowest price guaranteed on our rooms by booking direct on hey! badda book. badda boom!
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>> foxbusiness alert. here we go. remember those exploding samsung galaxy phones? the company facing another major recall over concerns for the same thing. >> what you need to know if you have a galaxy node 4. >> reporter: a year after samsung recalled and discontinued its galaxy node 7 smart phone, 10,000 galaxy node 4 devices have been recalled because of concerns they could overheat posing a risk of fire or burns was the recall involves batteries in refurbishing samsung galaxy node 4 scylla phones by synthetic supply chain and distributed as replacement phones through at&t's insurance program from december 2016 to april 2017. they discovered some of the
2:25 am
recalled batteries are counterfeit. those node 4s are from 2014 so that is old. we were just saying it seems like there's always a record travel day especially during the summer holidays but labor day is supposed to set a record. >> reporter: the airline industry is bracing for a huge surge in travel over labor day thanks to low fuel prices and improving economy and increasing airfares. 16.1 million passengers will fly on us airlines over the 7-day travel period in which is an additional hundred 10,000 passengers per day, the 3 busiest us airports are expected to be atlanta, los angeles and chicago and the busiest travel day will be friday, september 1st. plan accordingly. rob: 6:50 from la, that is a
2:26 am
lot. heather: robo calls. >> if you received one thing he won a free cruise you may be able to cash in, part of a class-action lawsuit the claims carnival, royal caribbean and norwegian cruise lines used resort marketing groups to make those robo calls that offer a free cruise. those calls violate the telephone consumer protection act, those who are part of this could get $300 per phone line, up to three phone lines. there is a form you have to fill out by november to get that money. heather: i think they have called me. >> reporter: you should check. >> the dreams of emma stone have come true. ♪ here's to the fools ♪ crazy as they may seem ♪ rob: i like her.
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heather: the highest-paid actress of 2017 thanks in part to her oscar-winning performance in lala land. banking $26 million in a 12 month period. wouldn't that be nice? that jackpot we were talking about. time is 20 minutes after the top of the hour. a potential break in the case of natalie holloway. what her father is saying about human remains he recently found out about after a trip. >> a decades-old tradition being called into question. the battle brewing over military bands. ♪
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a woman killed in charlottesville, the president not in attendance but showing support online, calling her a special young woman. >> more on the memorial and new reaction from both sides of the aisle. >> reporter: 1000 people attended the memorial for heather heyer who was part of a group gathering for a peaceful counterprotest to the white nationalist troops when a car drove into the crowd killing her and injuring 19 others. during the memorial service, her daughter's, tried to shut her up but instead cemented her legacy of standing up for what is right. >> you make a point to look at it and say to yourself what can i do to make a difference? that is how you will make my child's death worthwhile. i would rather have my child but if i got to give her up we are going to make it count.
2:32 am
>> we saw that last night when hundreds came together for a candlelight vigil on the university of virginia campus to take a stand against hate and violence. along the same path taken by hundreds of torch bearing white nationalists last friday before holding a moment of silence, donald trump in his respects tweeting memorial service for beautiful and incredible heather heyer, truly special young woman, she will be long remembered by all. the president continues to face backlash for his response to the violence in charlottesville and many members of his own party continuing to speak out including majority leader mitch mcconnell who issued a statement saying we can have no tolerance for an ideology of racial hatred. there are no good neo-nazis and those who espouse those views are not supporters of american ideals and freedoms. yesterday jeff sessions suggested the 20-year-old driver who killed heather heyer and injured others could now face federal charges for civil rights violations and hate crimes.
2:33 am
>> look who's talking, former republican presidential candidate herman cain says the attacks on the president are not going to stop. heather: he says the left is still wishing hillary would have won. >> they are never going to get over it. they are still stuck in hillary should have won. she should not have won because she was not the best candidate. they are stuck in trump derangement syndrome and i got to tell you we will find a cure to cancer before they get over there up session, i'm on the radio 5 days a week, i hear from people. they are not stupid. they see past this. the only ones that are following this racist rhetoric and this racist indication of what they think defines america are the people already predisposed to their position.
2:34 am
heather: steve bannon calling out white supremacy and democrats after mainstream media's relentless criticism following the deadly riots in charlottesville telling the american prospect, quote, know nationalism is loses, a friend element, the media plays it up too much and we have to help crushed it more. these guys are a collection of clowns. he went on to say, quote, democrats the longer they talk about identity politics, i want them to talk about racism every day. of the left is focused on race and identity and we go with economic nationalism we can crush the democrats. ben carson speaking out urging americans to overcome hate and take the high road, the secretary of housing and urban development sharing personal stories about overcoming racism and political differences. person revealing neighbors claimed his home when someone vandalized it with messages
2:35 am
about donald trump and his neighborhood once responded to a home with a confederate flag by hanging american flag instead. >> a major snag in the russia investigation, peter strobel, top official hand-picked by mueller to lead this probe has stepped down according to abc news. the reason why is unclear but the team is yet to present evidence of russian collusion with you trump administration. he was one of several investigators who interviewed hillary clinton days before the fbi dropped her email investigation last year. a major breakthrough in the disappearance of natalie holloway. her father telling nbc's today show that he and the private investigator will appear in a new oxygen series, oxygen the network, found human remains behind a home in aruba. this comes from an informant who claims to know where his daughter was buried. >> when we determine these
2:36 am
remains were human, i was shocked. i know there's a possibility this could be someone else. i am trying to wait and see. rob: it will take up to a month to see if the dna of the remains matches those of natalie holloway. it makes us wince when we see it and now we know this hollywood stunt gone wrong really hurt tom cruise. bank. this tmv video showing the moment cruz tried to jump over a pretty big gap and didn't get quite far enough, he broke his ankle filming mission impossible vi, he likes to do his own stunts, production delayed eight weeks so the actor can recover. the film is due out next summer, wishing tom all the best.
2:37 am
>> pattycake, the story of a young girl following in the footsteps of her idol and embarking on an unusual quest to achieve stardom as a rapper. michael term arrow sat down with the star herself, something i don't know how to do. no joke. >> the wonder woman of summer of 2017, plays a jersey girl with a dream. i caught up with this actors in la who talked about this great movie. ♪ >> danielle mcdonald, nice to meet you. we are doing this a lot. a huge career coming down the road. the character you play is a young girl from new jersey who wraps. you are a young girl from
2:38 am
australia who didn't wrap. were you nervous taking on this role? >> very. the director asked me to do it and not audition. are you insane? i have never done anything like this, i can't wrap or do a jersey accent, went on a tangent, patty is a girl growing up in jersey, wanting to break out, moved to new york, felt shattered a little bit. wants to be a rapper, loves music, loves writing lyrics but i also love her boldness where she can just say you are going to say that to me, watch me emasculate you. i love that. >> how about pattycake the musical, the broadway musical. >> reporter: all about the revenue stream. thank you so much. what a treat, good luck to you.
2:39 am
>> you will be seeing a lot of danielle mcdonald, she is opposite jennifer aniston. >> i want to hear her wrap, i went to see it now. we will check it out, you liked it. we will go see it. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour and they are in the country illegally but the bar association once illegal immigrants to be able to practice law. our next guest and attorney wants to know how you can defend it if you are blatantly breaking it. ♪ total eclipse of the heart ♪ heather: the upcoming solar eclipse, nursing and 80s classic, carly shimkus has the story that has social media lighting up. ♪
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>> reversing course. uc berkeley known for riots over conservatives because but the new chancellor has a different approach. rob: carly shimkus here with the free speech -- very exciting year. >> reporter: a major topic of conversation across the country, uc berkeley canceled speeches by conservative commentators leading to widespread backlash. the new chancellor is proposing a free-speech year. the campus will hold point counter point panels to
2:44 am
demonstrate how to oppose views in a respectful manner. what a novel idea but some people on social media say they are skeptical. and the says they refuse speakers, did they fire the staff or get rid of problematic students? a majority of people really love this idea. jane says encouraged by a new approach for free speech and civil discourse at uc berkeley. conservative commentator ben schapiro plans to head to uc berkeley to make speeches. an interesting nugget, the chancellor says she thinks shielding students from uncomfortable views will not serve them well. >> it is sad when civil discourse is a new idea. like the founder of the free speech movement they are getting back to that idea. >> started game of thrones. and millions of others, you have not seen enough of this show.
2:45 am
>> join me overseas. >> you need to make a list. >> anyone else get chills? heather: you might battle major spoilers. sunday's episode has leaked online and you won't believe, hbo released it to on demand subscribers, they were at fault here. it was available for an hour which was long enough for people to make copies and spread it on the internet. a lot of people on social media are happy about this, please leak% 7, the entire game of thrones fandom. if someone could leak the final episode, that would be great. i like to wait till sunday.
2:46 am
rob: the most cheesy of all the 80s songs. >> reporter: on monday the us is in for a major event, the first total solar eclipse since 1979. singer bonnie tyler will perform this iconic song that very day. ♪ every now and then i fall apart ♪ and i need you now tonight ♪ i need you more than ever ♪ heather: where is my later but? she will do this aboard the royal caribbean total eclipse cruz. a lot of people on social media love this. jessica says my dreams are
2:47 am
coming true. if you are an 80s fan this is the biggest deal. let's check in with todd for what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> reporter: this is what we are doing, steve cortez, former trump advisory council member talking about a number of those ceos that will no longer be part of the council, is this political, steve hilton, talking about the news of the day, the president has response to virginia and of course did you see this viral video? flexing on a security camera. we asked for it, live this morning, "fox and friends" coming up.
2:48 am
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one that keeps you connected to what matters most.
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>> the government watchdog acting pentagon to justify long-standing tradition in america. military bands. ♪ heather: the government accountability office, the pentagon needs to prove how their 137 military bands measure success, the $400 million budget. the bands play 400,000 show the year. a pentagon spokesman says they are very important symbol of patriotism. and air force pilot makes a miracle landing without wheels
2:52 am
or a canopy. captain debris is on the ground with his bank the plane and so. and explosion blue off the canopy as he flew 350 mile-per-hour over michigan. the blast damaging the bottom of the plane, billy landed the jet. heather: the american bar association suggest letting illegal immigrants practice law in the united states. joining us to discuss this, thank you for coming on this morning. let's put it on the screen. 108, barred mission not be denied based solely on immigration. you can be a lawyer now, pushing for this. what does that mean? >> pretty outrageous.
2:53 am
there is something unfair about allowing someone who thumbs their nose at the law to practice it was that is what the aba wants to have happen. most people do not realize what it takes not only to become a lawyer but to keep your license to practice law. why lower the bar, to practice law. rob: what would get you disbarred? >> simple things. and arrested to dw the -- it is a misdemeanor. if i got one i will be disciplined or could lose my license. and losing their license. the client trust account, pretty much kissed your license to practice law goodbye. there are so many hoops we need
2:54 am
to jump through to keep our license, this makes no sense. the character and fitness committee, wants to disclose the number of traffic tickets they had. >> who are already allowing illegal immigrants, and the issue here, how it goes. it upset a lot of people, they are bordering with the united states. it is hard to get into this country if you're eastern european or african or asian it is so hard to get here but we pander to immigrants, that can get here. >> we need to encourage lawful
2:55 am
immigration and discourage unlawful immigration. what is the point having an immigration laws, go to college, go to law school, get your license to practice law. it contradicts what we stand for. the administration won't like the idea. rob: thank you for coming in, appreciate your perspective. heather: the long overdue honor for an american hero. this is not the right video. we will show you that video after that happened. just a minute. ♪ that we're gonna have usaa insurance for both my boys. it's something that they're not even gonna have to think of. it's just gonna be in the family. we're the tenneys and we're usaa members for life.
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heather: time now for the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first the good, a 1991 worl91-year-old veteran earning his medal. rob: most useless chick-fil-a only open one game this season because it's famously closed on nfl sunday when home games are played. ceremonial first pitch for the boston red sox goes very long. heather: well, it was supposed to the 1966 e. 7 american league champions team instead it turned very painful for cameraman behind home plate. that's picture whose
3:00 am
immediate reaction had to get him off the plate somehow. rob: didn't see it coming. stabbing there taking a picture. and there you have it i feel for you, buddy. i have been there no good. "fox & friends" starts right now. heather: bye. >> after a wave of ceo resigned from his advisories councils president trump reacted by abruptly dissolving the groups. rather than putting pressure on the business people of the manufacturing council and strategy and policy forum, i'm ending both. thank you all. >> they are never going to get over it. they are still stuck in hillary should have won. they are stuck in trump derangement syndrome. >> a memorial held today for the woman killed in saturday's violence. >> they tried to kill my child to shut her up. well, guess what? you just magnified her. >> h


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